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Mezan International is synonymous with trust, excellence, and quality in Pakistan’s pharmaceutical sector. Our mission is to enhance human well-being by offering a diverse array of innovative, high-quality medications.

About Mezan International

Serving Life with difference

Mezan International is a name of trust, excellence and quality in the pharmaceutical industry of Pakistan. We strive to serve the humanity in the best possible way by providing them a wide range of innovative and quality medicines.
Our values

Our Mission & Vision

At Mezan, our core mission is to introduce, educate and bring to market advanced affordable and safe products. Knowledge base marketing is a core value for our company.

Research And Developments

An unrelenting focus on breakthrough science has helped Mezan International people bring many important medicines to market.

Healthcare Need

Mezan International products have unique advantages in health care system. Mezan International products have unique advantages in health care system.

Product Development Program

Our new product development program generally includes pre-formulation studies, excipient compatibility studies, analytical methods development and validation.

Testimonials & Reviews

Our Customar Feedbacks

Top-notch Quality and Service!
Mezan Int'l is our trusted supplier for medical accessories. Their antiseptics and disinfectants are top-notch, perfect for our clinic's needs. From CSSD to surgical instruments, Mezan delivers quality every time. Highly recommended
Reliable Partner for Clinics
As a dentist, I rely on Mezan for quality dental products. Their range is impressive, especially their disposable endoscopes. While occasional delays happen, Mezan's customer service team is quick to resolve issues. Trustworthy supplier for clinics
Impressive Surgical Supplies
Mezan Int'l provides excellent surgical instruments and disinfectants. Their anesthesia products ensure safety, while disposable endoscopes maintain hygiene standards. A top choice for medical professionals.
Quality Cosmetics, Reliable Results
Mezan Cosmo offers quality cosmetics and skincare products. Their antiseptics are gentle yet effective. Trusted for patient care and results.
Dental Solutions Simplified
Mezan Dental is our go-to for dental supplies. Their disposable endoscopes are game-changers. Despite occasional availability issues, their customer service is responsive. Comprehensive solutions for dental practices.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Mezan International specializes in a wide range of medical products including antiseptics, disinfectants, CSSD (Central Sterile Services Department) equipment, anesthesia supplies, surgical instruments, disposable endoscopes, cosmetics for medical use, dental products, and wound care solutions.
Antiseptics and disinfectants are both used to kill microorganisms and prevent infection. Antiseptics are typically applied to living tissues such as skin, while disinfectants are used on surfaces and objects. Antiseptics are generally milder and safer for use on skin, while disinfectants are stronger and suitable for surfaces.
CSSD stands for Central Sterile Services Department. It is responsible for cleaning, sterilizing, and distributing medical equipment and instruments. CSSD plays a crucial role in preventing the spread of infections in healthcare settings by ensuring that all medical equipment is properly sterilized and maintained.
Mezan International provides a comprehensive range of anesthesia products including anesthesia machines, breathing circuits, masks, endotracheal tubes, and other accessories necessary for administering anesthesia safely and effectively.
Mezan International offers a diverse selection of surgical instruments, equipment, and accessories used in various surgical procedures. These include but are not limited to surgical scissors, forceps, retractors, needle holders, and surgical trays.


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