Flat sterilization Roll

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Sterilization reels, designed as a packaging solution for sterilization appli- cations, ensure the safe sterilization and protection of the medical device from the point of sterilization to its use. The sterilization reels are made from transparent multi-layer copolymer PET/CPP film and medical kraft paper. They have printed process indicators for Steam, Ethylene Oxide. Plasma or Formaldehyde, which are water-based and non-toxic in accor- dance with ISO 11140-1 standard. These indicators allow the distinction between processed and unprocessed packages.

Non-toxic, highly resistant, reinforced film

1st class, sterile barrier 60 gr/m², 70 gr/m² medical kraft paper It can be easily closed with all kinds of countertop closing devices.

Clean and precise indicator color conversions

Tear-free and fiber-free opening

Formaldehyde indicator is applied upon request.

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